Here today, gone tomorrow. It couldn't last forever. This paper bag was given to me when I left Germany to begin my exchange at FHNW. It held provisions for the arduous journey ahead. Of course I did not throw it away, death before disposal. So that is the source of my material, and inspiration is all around.
Completed while living in a lodge at Werkraum Warteck PP in Basel, Switzerland where the festival begins in the very early hours of the morning. An explosion of percussion and harmony and light as orchestrated marching 'cliques' take to the streets in masks and cover the old town with confetti, candy, and oranges. The cliques practice for the entire year and build extravagant floats and lanterns to parade. Children dress up and fill their bags and hands with all the sweets they can carry. In exemplary Swiss fashion, by the closing of the festival the old streets are cleared away almost entirely.
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