burg is a folding style bike lock in a compact, carryable form. It opens up to function like a U-lock. The linkages and inner layer and pins can be finished in so many ways it gives unlimited unique looks, and the opportunity for seasonal/ special edition/ and 'color picker' offerings. The outter facing of the lock can be come in different materials and finishes like wood & carbon fibre (pictured) or plastic.
Early drawings from my design school application portfolio.
Initial Rhino model. First attempt with Keyshot.
Introducing burg, a pocketable, folding style bike lock.
Open it up to function just like a flexible U-lock. Links, inner structure and pins can be finished in so many ways for unlimited unique looks, and the possibility of seasonal, limited and 'create your own' offerings. The outer facing of the lock offers further customization and finishes like wood & carbon fibre (pictured) or engineering plastics.
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