LOOK exhibition at FHNW
I’m trying not to reinvent the pan. Why? The right pan in good hands is the perfect tool for many things. A chefs pan is the trusted swiss army knife of the kitchen, right in their hand like the well worn handle of a familiar axe.
Inspired by tools built to last, function first and a simple idea: when you buy something, you should be proud, it’s yours.
The 'filo' collection is a performance oriented design for pro-consumers with cutting edge ceramic non-stick, and a minimal material approach. Through a smart, robust design it is my hope this pan serves its user well for as long as due care is taken. So take care, be bold, and keep it within reach. 
'filo' is a fine line of cookware.
used the power of pinterest, hard.
exploring color choices
I tried a few different bottom graphics based on new and retro TVS logos
See more of the process here.
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